Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy November!

 You know when it's been a while since your last optometrist visit when your eye doctor says "Wow, how are you able to see with these!?" (holding up current glasses).   With my recent visit to the doctor+new prescription=these new glasses!   I went to pick out glasses with eyes dilated...and well, the ones I picked out ended up being Ray Bans(I could not tell at the time). The price I thought I saw was completely different from the actual price and not at all affordable even with insurance.  So, I left without ordering new glasses to find a free glasses coupon online at in my email inbox.  So, same style as the Ray Bans I wanted but FREE!  Yay!

In other news, we are leaving to go overseas with my husbands high school choir in just 2 days!  This trip has played a biiiggg part in why blog posts have become scarce.  I have had some great outfits in the past month, just no one to take my picture (husband off doing choir rehearsals, fundraisers, ect).  It's either that or it is too dark...I get home from work around 7pm, bleh.

With that, I hope to start putting out more posts in the future!  

Happy November, folks...we will be back from our trip to Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria December 1st!!!

I leave you with a lovely picture of a snow topped mountain out my kitchen window...

Thanks for reading,