Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flower Pants

I wore this outfit a while back...
I <3 floral!

This week I have been driving everyday to a town South of Albuquerque, which is a 5 hour round trip, to do some interning at a day center for adults with metal disabilities  Today, we took a group of clients out to the local park and played basketball with them which was so fun! Just two days left of this internship (30 hours in all) and I am ready to sleep in for a few days... I'm currently waking up at 4:30am everyday.

Jacket- American Eagle (HERE), Shirt- American Eagle (HERE), Pants- The Limited (similar)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm Feeling Green

Well, found out Friday that our landlord has decided to move back to town and therefore we must find a new place to live in about a month!!  Not the best of news to come home to... It is hard to find a rental that is in our price range and allows pets, ugh! Let the search begin.

Cardigan- Old Navy (similar), Shirt- American Eagle (similar), pants- American Eagle (similar), Shoes-Sperry (similar), Necklace- The Limited 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Little Flair

I'm not really supposed to wear jeans to class due to the dress code (we can only wear jeans on Thursdays), but I cheated yesterday and wore these trouser jeans....
Shirt-Old Navy (HERE), Cardigan-American Eagle (similar), Jeans- Old Navy (HERE), Shoes-old (similar)

 Gracias por leer!

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Favorite

I am all for the laid-back casual look, you probably know that by what do I think about boyfriend jeans?  I absolutely LOVE them!!!

On another note...
After a strong string of storms resulting in large tornadoes and extreme weather in the Midwest  I would ask your prayers for Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas.  I grew up in Arkansas (on the border of Oklahoma) and have many friends and family in the area hit by the tornadoes. Currently, 51 killed (20 of these, children) by this mile wide tornado in Oklahoma and over 145 injured.   My mom just called from Arkansas and said that the sirens were going off while she was leaving her yoga class and there is currently no electricity in town and another storm on the way.

Top- Old Navy (similar), Jeans- Loft (HERE), Scarf-The Limited (similar), Shoes- Toms (similar)

In other news, this is my last week to work at the elementary school!! I have a week of fieldwork observation next week and am unable to work the actual last week of school, which makes me sad.  I am going to miss the little girl I work with, she really has been a joy to work with and helps brighten my day (most of the time).  I will be working my internship for occupational therapy this coming fall, so not returning to the elementary school next school year. 

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Murder Mystery

Last night, the Mr. and I went to a murder mystery and banquet for the theater group at the local high school (my husband is the theater chair person/assistant).  I am not an actress by any means but it was fun seeing everyone else stay in character.  The attire for this event was formal, so I thought this was a great dress to wear, being that it is "grown-up" enough to make me not look like one of the students. 

Dress- The Limited (similar)(similar)
Necklace- Baublebar (similar)
Shoes-very old...(similar)

I picked up this dress a while back and got it for around $25..still not sure how I was able to get it so cheap!

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Camo and Stripes

I love laid back and fun outfits.  I also enjoy mixing patterns, can you tell?
Love the mix of camo and stripes.

Jacket- American Eagle (similar)
Shirt- American Eagle (similar)
Pants- Gap (similar)
Shoes- Minnetonka (similar)

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the mothers out there on Mother's Day!! I am only a dog mother so no celebrating for me.  Although, the Mr. and I did get a cappuccino at Starbucks after church today which is kind of a big deal since neither of us have had a real cappuccino in weeks!

This is what I wore to church this morning....

Top- The Limited (similar)
Skirt- Loft (HERE)
Necklace- Express (HERE)
Shoes- Sam Edelman (old) (similar)

Have a great day,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Stripes, Blazers and Boat Shoes

Stripes, blazer and boat shoes...yes please!!
I love the combo. 

Blazer- American Eagle (similar)
Top- The Limited (HERE)
Pants- Loft (HERE)
Shoes- Sperry (similar)
Necklace- The Limited (similar)

I whip my hair back and forth....

On another note...
I went with the 3rd graders to Bandelier today.  Such a fun place! I love Native American ruins.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I was recently contacted by Firmoo, an eye wear company, to do a review on their prescription glasses and their sunglasses.

Last Monday I received both the glasses and sunglasses in the mail and quickly fell in love with them!  The sunglasses are very fun and trendy and the prescription glasses are perfect!  What I love about Firmoo is that they have a place on their webpage where you can upload your own photo to get an idea of what the glasses/sunglasses will look like on you before you place your order....oh yeah, and you can get your first pair FREE (just pay the shipping).  But still, a pair of prescription glasses for the cost of shipping!?  Very affordable and worth a try in my opinion.

I would like to encourage my readers to check out Firmoo and check out the first pair free program HERE!!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Today is my BIRTHDAY!! YAY! :)

Having a pretty good day, not always fun to have a birthday on a Monday, but oh well!!

Jacket- American Eagle (HERE), Top- Loft (HERE), Pants- American Eagle (similar), Shoes- Sam Edelman (old) (HERE), Necklace- The Limited (similar),  Ring- Modtoast (HERE)

The little 3rd grade girl I work with at the elementary school threw me a party this morning.  She hand made this banner, the hat, set up bingo, musical chairs, bought me a card and a magazine!! I was so touched by her thoughtfulness, she really made my day special...especially since I won't get to celebrate for another week or so due to school and my husbands concerts. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dots Dots Dots!

All I can say is TGIF!!!

This week has been extremely stressful with my Functional Anatomy 2 class coming to an end.  So many tests and last minute homework assignments to finish.  I'm very excited because I have heard that Functional anatomy 1 and 2 are pretty much the hardest classes and it's nice to have them behind me. No rest this weekend, I've got to spend all day getting re-certified in CPR in Albuquerque. I start Intervention to Mental Health class Monday...yay!

I loooove polka dots!

Jacket- Old Navy (similar)
Sweater- Old Navy (similar)
Jeans- Miss Me (similar)
Necklace- The Limited (similar)

Have a great weekend,