Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tribal + Jean Vest

I put this outfit together for karaoke night a few nights ago!  

We have been out of town for the majority of June and it is good to be back for the time being.  We've got family visiting and more family on the way in a few days, fun times to be had!

Vest-Old Navy (here)/Skirt-Old Navy(similar)

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

At the Pond

Every Friday night, during the summer months, my town puts on a series of concerts at the pond near the downtown. They are a big event!  Kid's bouncy castles, face painting, and all sorts of food and merchandise vendors. 

It is always tricky to figure out what to wear to these events.  It starts out sunny and hot and ends up really cold once the sun starts to set.  This is what I came up with last night for the concert at the pond. I wanted something fun and laid back that would keep me warm when the sun went down and that I could sit in the grass in to watch the concert.

Cardigan-old(similar)/Shirt-Old Navy(here)/Skirt-Old Navy(similar)/Scarf-old(similar)

The concert at the pond...
 This is before the concert.  Once it starts up, it is PACKED.  We are talkin' a couple thousand people. 

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Friday, June 6, 2014


I recently returned from a quick 2 night camping trip in Moab, UT where the Mr. and I went to Arches National Park for some hiking and sightseeing.   This trip was too amazing not to share!!!

Delicate Arch Trail
This is me doing a back bend(wheel pose) under the delicate arch!!
 Picture from early morning driving into the park...
  Primitive loop trail....

 "Double O" arch
 This is a place I have always wanted to go, and we felt the time was right...especially being that it is now just a half day drive from where we live.  

Arches Nationanl Park Trail tip from Kristine:
If you do end up visiting this amazing place, hit the trails EARLY!  By 8:30am the crowds start coming out to the trails and it gets packed.  We started both trails around 6:30am and it was very pleasant, just about had the arches all to ourselves.