Sunday, July 29, 2012


Have you ever put on an outfit and just been completely in love with it, so much that it changes your whole outlook on the day?  That is how I feel today with this outfit!  I love EVERYTHING about it!!!  Too many times I half-way love the outfit I am wearing and part way through the day I wish I was wearing something different... and this outfit is definitely not one of them!

I was ecstatic to have a chance to wear my turquoise bubble necklace which I bought off of ebay a few months back for about $8.  These necklaces are so much fun, everyone should own at least one! (normally $150 at Jcrew, but my ebay necklace works just as well!)

Cardigan- Old Navy (old) (similar)
Shirt-American Eagle (similar)
Skirt-American Eagle (similar)
Necklace-Ebay (HERE)
Shoes-Adena by Sam Edelman (used on Ebay) (HERE)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

White Shorts

I pulled my outfit inspiration today from Pinterest.  I have always been a fan of long(er) sleeves paired with shorts...I did this even when it was a fashion no-no.  Today's inspiration photo is a fun, laid back outfit, great for running around town..which is what I happen to be doing today! I absolutely love the teal green color and  just so happen to have a top I bought from Old Navy a while back that looks almost exactly the same as my inspiration photo!

Top-Old Navy ($7 on clearance) (similar)
Shorts-American Eagle ($12 with coupon) (similar)
Necklace, Belt, and bracelets-American Eagle- (similar bracelet)(similar necklace)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time in Taos

Spent the day in Taos, NM exploring the town! It was a fun little town, very artsy and reminded me a little of Eureka Springs, AR.  Jason and I really enjoyed the town and look forward to going back!

This was my outfit for the day today....

Dress-Maurices (HERE)
Cardigan-Old Navy (similar)
Necklace-Forever21 (similar)
Shoes- Shoe Carnival (similar)
Purse-American Eagle

I LOVE this dress!  It is the perfect length...and it has the whole high-low thing going on.  The colors are so fun for summer!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

I have decided that on occasion I will take some of my favorite Pinterest outfits and make them my own.  It seems like a fun project, plus..there are some really cute outfits and outfit ideas on Pinterest.  This first outfit was one of my earlier pins.  When I saw this outfit, I loved everything about it...the colored shorts, the button up shirt, the scarf! Here is how I made it my own....

Top- Old Navy (similar)
Shorts-American Eagle (similar)(similar)
Scarf-Old Navy(similar)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ooooo, Ahhhhhh!!

I have literally been staring at necklaces on all day long today... I guess that's the problem when you work in the public schools and have all summer off...way too much free time and not enough money to do anything.  Here are a few of the necklaces I have been oogling....

The best thing about is that you get $10 off your first order AND free shipping every time!  Also, they randomly have specials like right now...if you spend so much ($60?) you can get this FREE with code: BUBBLESTRAND

Check it will end up just as crazy for baublebar as I am!!!

Normally I post a photo of what I am wearing... but today you don't want to see what I am wearing because it consists of nike shorts, a tshirt, and my glasses.  I have only left the house one time today and it was to walk my dogs....

Monday, July 23, 2012

What a Day...

Left early this morning for my processing (videos plus paperwork) for my new job at Mountain Elementary.  It was overall very stressful...especially when I found out that I do not get paid until August 30..and only half a check!!(for my husband too! YIKES!)  This morning was not a good sleep last night, i'm sick with a cold...but I managed to put on a happy face after a morning of stress. (My little Boston Terrier, Zoey helped cheer me up and decided to join me in my blog photos)

Here is what I am wearing today....

Top-Old Navy (HERE)
Skirt- Forever21 (similar) (similar)(similar)
Shoes-American Eagle (HERE)
Necklace- Forever21 ( this necklace!)(similar)

You can see in this last photo I am much happier than in my first photo....oh, the power of cute dogs!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Day of Band Camp

Band camp is finally coming to a close... I am ready to get back to New Mexico and enjoy my new home before school starts! I picked up this cool yellow triangle necklace yesterday at a boutique here on campus I thought it looked fun and unique. Here is my outfit for the day...

Top-American Eagle
Cardigan-Old Navy (HERE)
Shorts-American Eagle (similar)
Shoes-Old Navy (HERE)
Necklace-Belle Boutique (similar)

My husband actually found the sunglasses I am wearing, he thought they were cool.

I am really digging this outfit...I like the semi nautical look with the stripes and boat shoes but also the fun pops of color with the yellow necklace.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Polka Dots

After selling some old clothes back to Daisy Exchange, I has some serious cash to burn...I dropped by Old Navy (how I have missed you Old Navy!) and found a few items that caught my eye. I saw these polka doted shorts and thought I would give them a try and I'm glad I did! Polka dots are so "in" right now especially mixing polka dots with other patterns such as stripes, and other polka dots. Today's outfit came from what I had available being that I am working band camp and have mostly tee shirts. Luckily I had a plain white shirt because I really wanted to try out my new shorts!

Top-American Eagle
Shorts-Old Navy (HERE)
Necklace-Old Navy
Shoes-American Eagle (Sam Edelman) (similar)

About half-way through the day I decided to try out this gray lace top with the polka dot shorts and I think I like this combination even better! (don't mind the red yarn on my wrist, it is a band camp thing...)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Night Out!

After a week of working Jr. High Band camp as a camp counselor I needed a night out!  We have had a short break before Sr. High camp begins. I met the family at Hog Haus on Dickson St. here in Fayetteville, AR for an official going away party/our 6th Anniversary celebration and this is what I wore....

I really love this dress....the colors are neutral and look good with my olive skin tone and I love the pleats in the skirt of the dress. I bought this dress a while back at Forever21 for cheap, $24... Thursday I went to a boutique here on campus and saw the EXACT dress on the rack for $50! 

Dress- Forever21 (HERE)(similar style)(similar)
Shoes-American Eagle (similar)
Belt-American Eagle
Necklace- Forever21

Here are a few of my pleated favorites (click on picture to go to link)

Which is your favorite??

Here are a few more links to pleated dresses...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

This is the outfit I finally decided on...

Jason and I had a great time meeting other musicians and music people who teach in the Los Alamos area at the 4th of July gathering we attended in White Rock, NM. No fireworks for us...burn ban in New Mexico.  

Outfit #2 (red shirt/white shorts) was the outfit most voted, but it was too late!!! Sorry! I appreciate the comments :)

Red, White and Blue!!!!

My husband and I are headed over to a potluck in Whiterock, NM to celebrate the 4th of July. I must have tried 6 different outfits on this morning trying to find the right combination of red, white and blue without looking to over the top or cheesy. Here are a few of my outfits I tried on....which is your favorite?



White shorts- American Eagle
Blue Shorts- Gap
Blue and white striped top- Old Navy
White Lace top-American Eagle
Solid Red tshirt- Express (ebay)
Solid White tshirt- American Eagle
White and Grey T- Jcrew (ebay)
Blue Bracelet-American Eagle
Blue ring-Local Santa Fe buy
Red Watch-Jelly Watch
Red Coral Ring-Local Santa Fe buy
Light blue necklace- Forever21
Belt-American Eagle

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Statement Necklace

This post is for my dear friend, Mary.  She was discussing my blog with me a few weeks ago and mentioned that she would love a post about statement necklaces with links to find/buy statement necklaces.

I love statement necklaces, they can really add quite a bit to an outfit and help give an outfit the "finishing touch".

Here are a few pictures of me wearing my favorite statement necklaces....

Top left is from Old Navy (old)
Top Right is from Ebay ($13) (HERE)
Bottom center is from Forever21

Here are a few statement necklaces that I love.....
Top Left-Maurices-Assorted stones (HERE)
Top Right-Old Navy-Royal Blue teardrops (HERE)
Bottom Left-Forever21-light blue teardrops (HERE)
Bottom Right-Forever21-Black with Rhinestone (HERE)

A few of my favorite places to look for statement necklaces include: (search for statement necklace) (search for statement necklace)

*** is probably my favorite, they have some very unique statement necklaces. I have personally never ordered anything from baublebar but the necklaces look very well made.  Average necklace price is around is around $20-$30 but can range up to ~$200.  

So if you are wanting a statement necklace that will last you a long time try and other high-end department stores...also there are some quality pieces on and if you are willing to pay a little extra.  Necklaces from the other sites I have listed are cheap and therefore cheaply made so you do not always know how long a necklace you purchase for $7 will actually last you.  I have had necklaces from Old Navy (for example) last for years but others also purchased from Old Navy come apart within a couple wears.  It is always hard to determine the quality of a necklace when purchasing online...I suggest shopping at your local mall before ordering a necklace online.