Sunday, June 11, 2017

Downtown Siloam Springs, Arkansas: A Walking Tour

Welcome to our blog, Passports & Pints!  We hope that through our pictures you will be inspired to visit places and try new things.  For our first official travel blog we wanted to focus on a place in which we grew up, moved away from, and have seen grow quite a bit over the past decade.  We travel to Siloam Springs, Arkansas about once a year to visit family and we were quite honestly surprised to find out much things have changed in our absence.  What was once a 'ghost-town' of a downtown area is now thriving and full of life and fun.

So, we decided to check out a few of the new kids on the block and truly embrace this vibrant, growing downtown community.

The locations below are in what we found to be a great walking order for lunch, afternoon ice-cream, dinner, and then an evening of craft beer.

Ziggywurst: A German Style Restaurant 

 Ziggywurst recently opened in downtown Siloam Springs in May of 2017 and has quickly become a favorite of both locals and tourists.  They offer traditional German dishes with an American twist.

Their European-Style crepes, traditional Jagerschnitzel, Currywurst and Bratwursts taste straight out of Europe.  We can honestly say we have not had Schnitzel or Wurst this good state-side.  If you are looking for a good meal and a litre of German beer, than look no further.  Oh, did we mention they had German beer on tap?!?  From home-made mustard to locally roasted coffee to mouthwatering crepes, Ziggywurst is a must stop for lunch (or dinner) on your next stop to Siloam Springs.

Lunch Suggestion:  Sweet-Currywurst or Schnitzel Sandwich paired with a Radler, followed by a Chocolate Crepe

Image may contain: drink, coffee cup and food

Image may contain: food

Ziggywurst quickly became a part of our morning ritual: coffee and crepes by the window while people watching.


 One of my favorite parts of my experience at Ziggywurst was enjoying a Radler in their outdoor patio.

(Ziggywurst's outdoor patio)
Find Ziggywurst's Webpage HERE for more information.
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Pure Joy: Hand Crafted Ice Cream

 We were lucky enough to catch Pure Joy Ice Cream during their soft opening (Grand Opening is June 15th) and what a treat it was.  From their small tasting room you can see them making the ice-cream fresh in the adjoining kitchen.  Mouthwatering flavors such as Lavender Chip, Cookie Crumble, and Midnight Mocha are just as delicious as they sound.  We enjoyed it so much we came back at least twice more so we could get all the flavors in.  Only in town for one night?  No big deal, they sell pints to go.

Our Suggestion:  Lavender Chip or Strawberry Lavender Sorbet (dairy free)

Jason and Pure Joy Owner- Matt Feyerabend

Find Pure Joy Ice Cream HERE
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 Fratelli's: Italian Pizzeria

The hardworking staff and owners of Fratelli's Pizzeria go the extra mile to give you a true Italian pizza experience.  The pizza is fresh, crisp, and topped with excellent toppings, most of which are imported directly from Italy.

Don Lurie, who purchased Fratelli's in September of 2016, was kind enough to sit down with us and chat about the business and downtown in general.  Don and his wife moved to Siloam from California and really consider themselves pizza snobs.  After working in the cooperate food industry for over 40 years he finally loves coming to work each and every morning. He also said he was very excited to see new eating establishments popping up left and right.  "The more restaurants the more people, this whole of idea of competition is over-rated", said Don with a genuine smile, "People like coming downtown."

With a good sized menu there is something for everyone, including gluten free options.  We choose to sit outside, which was great for people watching and enjoying the evening air.  With several local and import beer options, as well as made fresh gelato, Fratelli's is a must visit for dinner in Siloam Springs.

Dinner Suggestions:  Strobolli or Gorgonspeck Pizza (Marinara, Gorgonzola, and Speck)

"I know everyday that we have done our very best to give each and every customer our very best"
-Don Lurie, owner of Fratelli's Pizzeria

Find Frateli's: HERE
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 Creekside Taproom: Arkansas Craft Beer

Creekside Taproom is known for their array of Arkansas only craft brews and ciders from local breweries around the state.  Opened and run by a pair of retired teachers, they bring a love for craft beer to a city that until just a couple years ago was 'dry'.  Enjoy a flight in their small taproom or grab a pint and head outside for evening sun, music, or a game of corn-hole.  The staff is friendly and beer-knowledgeable and the beer is chosen for its quality and diversity.

With 21 beers on tap there is very much something for everyone!

Our Suggestions:  Lost 40 - Pale Ale or New Province - Philosopher IPA or Zwinger Göse

Creekside Taproom features a large beer-garden area including a cornhole pit.  They often hosts Cornhole tournaments, have live music and regular Thursday Night Trivia Tournaments. 

Find Creekside Taproom HERE
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